The importance of education in social, economic and political dispensation of the Municipality cannot be over emphasized. As a result of the relevance the Municipality attached to it, a greater portion of its budget is spent on education. The Asante Akim North Municipal Assembly is endowed with schools providing education up to the tertiary level. Education in the Municipality is being headed by the Municipal Directorate of Education whose responsibility is to ensure the overall administration, monitoring and supervision of teaching and learning in the district.

Number of Schools and Enrolment

The number of schools and enrolment for Basic and Junior High Schools for Private and Public schools at the end of year 2009 are as follows:






The Net Admission Rate (NAR) for Primary and JHS are 79% and 82% respectively while the Gender Parity Index (GPI) for Pre-school is 0.98, Primary 0.99 and JHS 0.99.

Second Cycle Schools

The Asante Akim Municipal Assembly has three Public Second cycle schools. These schools are Owereman Senior High School at Domeabra, Collins Senior High School at Agogo and Agogo State College at Agogo.


The Municipality has one (1) Teacher Training College, one (1) Nurses Training School and a Private University (Presbyterian University College) at Agogo.

School Enrolment

School Enrolment in the Public and Private Basic and JHS in the district for the year 2012 is as follows:



The Municipal’s education is faced with the following constraints despite its achievements:

a. Inadequate logistics such as vehicles and fuel for inspecting officer

b. Late release of funds adversely affects timely execution of service activities.

c. Inadequate supply of textbooks.

d. Lateness and absenteeism on the part of teachers

e. Lack of social amenities such as hospitals, electricity, markets and good roads in rural areas to serve as incentive to teachers who are posted to rural areas.

f. Low morale as a result of poor remuneration

g. Poor enrolment in most rural schools-making it impossible to give the full complement of teachers

h. Inadequate facilities such as classrooms giving rise to shift system


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