The Jirapa Municipal is one of the 254 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana, and forms part of the 11 of Municipalities and Districts in the Upper West Region.

The Municipality was established by LI 1902 and was carved out of the then Jirapa Lambussie, as part of a further enlarging and deepening of Ghana’s decentralization processes in 2007 with its administrative capital as Jirapa.

The Municipality is located in the north-western corner of the Upper West Region of Ghana. It lies approximately between latitudes 10.25o and 11.00o north and longitudes 20.25o and 20.40o West with a territorial size of 1,188.6 square kilometers representing 6.4 percent of the regional landmass. 

The Municipality is bordered to the south by the Nadowli Kaleo District, to the north by the Lambussie Karni District, to the west by Lawra Municipal and to the east by the Sissala West District.  

The population of the Municipality according to 2010 population and housing census stands at 88,402 with 53.0 percent females and 47.0 percent for males.