The Bole District covers an area of about 4800 square km; out of the area of 70,384sq km of the Northern region. It has an estimated population of about 75,151 (2000 population projected) The population rate is about 3.6% per annum. The population is sparse with a density of about 14 per a km. The District was established by Legislative Instrument (L.I) 1786.

The District Capital Bole is the only biggest town in the district. Other major towns include Bamboi, Maluwe, Tinga, Tasilma, Mandari and Banda/Nkwanta. For the percentage land take of District and the Northern Region in relation to Ghana (238,533sq km), they are 2.0% and 29.6% respectively. This means that the land take of the district is 6.8% of the total land mass of the Northern Region.

The population of the district according to 2010 population and housing census stands at 61,593 with 31,022 males and 30,571 females.