The Tamale Metropolitan Assembly (TaMA) was elevated to the status of Metropolis in 2004.

Tamale Metropolis is one of the six Metropolitan Assemblies in the country and the only Metropolis in the three Regions in Northern part of Ghana namely; Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions.

Tamale, the capital of the Metropolis is the capital of the Northern Region and the seat of the Northern Regional Minister. It lies between latitude 9.16° and 9.34° North and longitudes 00.36°and 00.57.

Tamale Metropolitan Assembly is located approximately 180 metres above sea level. The topography is generally rolling with some shallow valleys which serve as stream courses. There are also some isolated hills but these do not inhibit physical development.

The Tamale Metropolis is one of the twenty eight (28) districts in the Northern Region. The Metropolis is located in the central part of the Northern Region and shares boundaries with five other districts namely the Savelugu Municipality to the north, Yendi Municipal Assembly to the east, Tolon to the west, Central Gonja to the south-west and East Ganja to the south.

The population of the Metropolis according to 2010 population and housing census stands at 223,252 with 111,109 males and 112,143 females.