The Gomoa Central District forms part of thirty two (32) Metropolitan, Municipalities and Districts in the Central Region of Ghana.


The district was carved out of the then Gomoa District in 2008 by the Legislative Instrument 1883 and became operational on 29th February 2008. It occupies an area of 539.69 square kilometres with the capital as Afransi.


The District shares Boundaries with the Mother District Gomoa West to the south, to the north with Agona West Municipal, to the west with Assikuma-Odoben-Brakwa District and to the east with Awutu-Senya East District.


The district is situated between latitudes 5o 14’ north and 5o 35’ north and longitude 00o 22’ west, and 00o 54’ west. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Central Region.


The population of the district according to 2010 population and housing census stands at 207,071 with 98,323 male and 108,748 female.