The Municipality has three (3) paramount chiefs (i.e. Agogo, Juansa and Domeabra). The Akan culture most especially the Asante culture dominates in the Municipality. However there are migrant settlers mostly from the Northern and Volta Regions who also practice their culture alongside the Akan/Asante tradition and culture. The major language spoken is Twi. The major festivals celebrated in the district are Adae Kese and Nhyira Kan festivals both celebrated by the people of Agogo. These festivals provide a platform for the reunion of the people, discussion and the implementation of development projects. The festivals also attract both foreign and local tourists into the district.

In terms of religious affiliation, Christianity is the dominant religion comprising 79.8 percent; Islam follows with 10.2 percent and traditional religion comprising 1.2 percent. 0.7 Percent of the population belong to other religious groups .A significant percentage of 8.2 percent does not belong to any of the above mentioned religious denominations.


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