Dormaa East District lies between Latitude 7°.08´ North and 7°.25´ degrees and Longitude 2°.35´ West and 2°.48´ west.


The District has a total land area of 456 Square Kilometres with Wamfie as District Capital, which is about 1.18 percent of the total land area of Brong Ahafo Region that is 38,557 Square Kilometres and about 0.19 percent of that of the country that is 238,537 Square Kilometres.


The District shares common boundaries with Dormaa Municipal to the West, Berekum Municipal to the North, Sunyani Municipal to the East and South by Asunafo North Municipal and Asutifi District.


The population of the district according to 2010 population and housing census stands at 112,111, with 53,589 males and 58,522 females