Administrative Set-Up

Asante Akim North Municipality is made up of 32 Members out of which 22 are elected and 10 Government Appointees. It operates through a 10 member Executive Committee and 6 sub-committee. The committees are,

a. Development Planning Sub-Committee

b. Social Services Sub-Committee

c. Works Sub-Committee

d. Finance and Administration Sub-Committee

e. Justice and Security Sub-Committee

f. Public Relations and Complaints Sub-Committee

As provided by the 1992 constitution, the Urban, Area councils and Unit committees are vital in local development in any district. Hence, Asante Akim North Municipality has One (1) Urban council, two (2) Area councils.

The Municipal Chief Executive (DCE) heads the office of the Municipal Assembly, while the Presiding member presides over Assembly sessions, meetings and any other committee that he/ she may be the chairperson. The local Government Act (Act 462) reconstituted the former 22 decentralised departments into 11 departments under the Municipal Assembly. The operations, activities and initiatives of these departments are coordinated by the Municipal Co-coordinating Director.

Functions of the District Assembly

Generally, the Municipal Assembly has 2 major functions; political and administrative and planning. According to the provisions of Act 462, the District Assembly is the highest political and administrative authority in the Municipality. As such, the A.A.N.M.A provides guidance, gives direction to and supervises all administrative authority in the district. In so doing, it exercises deliberative, legislative and executive functions over its territorial jurisdiction.

Under the same act, the District Assembly is established as the Planning authority of the Municipality. In pursuance of this function, the A.A.N.M.A ensures the preparation of development plans of the Municipality and submits them through the Ashanti Regional Co-ordinating Council to the National Development Planning Commission for approval. In addition, it prepares budget related to the Commission for approval. In addition, it prepares budgets related to the approved plans and submits them to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning for approval.

Specifically, the Assembly performs the under-listed tasks:

1. Formulates and executes programmes and strategies for the effective and efficient mobilization and disbursement

    of necessary resources for the overall development of the Municipality.

2. Promotes and supports productive activity and social development in the district and removes any obstacle to
    initiative and development.

3. Responsible for the development, improvement of human settlement and the environment in the Municipality.

4. Initiates programmes for the development of basic infrastructure and provide district works and services in the Municipality.

5. Initiates and encourages joint participation with other persons or bodies to execute approval of development plans.

6. Monitors the execution of projects under approved development plans and assesses and elevates their impact on

    the people’s development, the local, district and national economy.

In order to ensure effective implementation of development efforts, the A.A.N.M.A collaborates with communities, CBO’s, NGOs, Traditional Authorities, Religious groups, women, and other vulnerable groups in the Municipality.

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