Sawla-Tuna- Kalba District was carved out of the then Bole District in 2004. Indeed, the District was one of the twenty-eight (28) districts created in that year 2004.

As one of the twenty eight (28) Municipality and Districts in the Northern Region, the district is located in the western part of the Northern Region, between latitudes 8 40o and 9 40 o North and longitudes 1 o 50 and 2 o 45 o West.

The District shares common boundaries with Wa West District, Wa Municipal and Wa East to the north, Bole District to the south, West Gonja District to the east and La Cote d’Ivoire to the west.

It has a total land area of about 4,601 square kilometers out of the total area of 74,984 kilometers of the Northern Region, representing six point fourteen percent (6.14%) of the total land mass of the Northern Region.

Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District administrative capital Sawla is about 210 kilometers North West of Tamale, the Regional capital in the Republic of Ghana.

The population of the District according to 2010 population and housing census stands at 99,863 with 48,269 males and 51,594 females.