The Effutu Municipal is situated between latitudes 50 20 north and longitudes 00 25, west and 0037, west on the eastern part of the Central Region Ghana.

The Effutu Municipality is one of the 20 administrative districts in the Central region of Ghana. It is situated between latitudes 5°16’ and 20.18”N and longitudes 0°32’ and 48.32’’W of the eastern part of Central region.

The Municipality lies between the Gomoa East District to western, northern and eastern flanks. On the southern flank is the Gulf of Guinea.

The Municipal covers an area of 417.3 square kilometers (163 sq miles). Winneba is the administrative capital.

The population of the Municipality according to 2010 population and housing census stands at 68,597 with 32,795 male and 35,802 female.