Religion and ethnicity

Regarding religion, the Lawra Municipality is predominantly Christian with a population of 35,457 representing 61%. Other religious denominations are Traditionalists (26.6%), Islam (6.6%), and a significant population of 5.7% who do not practice any religion. The most predominant ethnic group in the District is the Dagaaba with dialectical variations. There are other minor tribes such as the Hausa, Asante etc.  There is a peaceful co-existence among people of varying ethnic and religious backgrounds. This is considered as an immense potential for investment.



The tourism potential of the district that is rich in natural, cultural, historical and man-made attractions has not received the needed support to exert its competitiveness within the private sector.


The most significant tourism potential in the Lawra Municipal is the Crocodile Pond at Eremon, 10 km from Lawra. These reptiles are totems of the people of Eremon, and are highly revered.


Another potential tourists site that could provide income to the district is the detention camp of the Late President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the residence of the British Colonial Administrator.


The Black Volta basin in Lawra that has a beach-like environment and an atmosphere for relaxation and recreational activities is also a potential tourist site.  A natural spring at Brifo-Cha is another tourist site in the District that could attract tourists.


Key investments in these sites could support the establishment of rest stops or homes around the areas to boost the economic potential of the sites.





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