Summary Of Key Community Needs And Aspirations

The needs and aspirations of the people of Assin Foso Municipal are summarized below:


Private Sector Development

1     Provision of market structures

2.    Job opportunities

3.    Provision of credit facilities

4.    Improvement in rural housing

5.   Road improvement for easy accessibility to the urban centres 

6    .Extension of telecommunication facilities

7.    Extension of electricity to communities


Human Resource Development

1.    Potable water supply

2.    Health facilities/personnel

3.    Provision of drains

4.    Toilet facilities

5.    Educational facilities and infrastructure

6.    Job for physically challenged

7.    Credit for rural women

8.    Training programmes for the physically challenged


Good Governance

1. Provision and rehabilitation of office accommodation for Town and Area Councils

2.  Preparation of a  Disaster Management Plan

3.  Ensuring sustainable environmental management.

4.  Ensure adequate security

Summary of Key Demands of the Private Sector/NGOs/CBOs

A summary of the key demands of the Private Sector, NGOs and CBOs

are presented below.

1.    Provision of micro Credit Scheme

2.    Rehabilitation of roads

3.    Extension of telecommunication facilities


Human Resources Development

1.    Provision of potable water

2.    Provision of health services and equipment

3.    Provision and rehabilitation of school infrastructure.

4.    Provision of training centres for the vulnerable and the excluded

5.    Establishment of a credit scheme for the physically challenged.


 Good Governance

1.    Ensuring sustainable environmental management

2.    Strengthening of security systems.

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