Health Needs

Health is one of the basic inputs to human development. As indicated by the demographic projection, the population of the municipality will grow significantly within the plan period. This situation calls for an assessment of the demand for health services and facilities. To decentralize health in the country, the Primary Health Care (PHC) delivery system was introduced. This system lays emphasis on preventive, curative and rehabilitative measures as they are needed. The system is operationalised at three levels, by which health services are made available to the people, namely: Levels A, B and C.

Based on the above standards, the health needs were estimated throughout the plan period (2002 - 2009). By the end of the year 2005, additional 34 Level A and 20 Level ’B’ health facilities would be needed, implying increased investment in the health sector. For Level ’C  currently the Municipal Hospital, can serve the population from now to the year 2005 and beyond.

Potable Water Needs

Potable water supply in the entire municipal is highly inadequate. Good Drinking water was identified as one of the top priority needs of the people. On the basis of the projected the population and the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) public water supply standard of 400 people to one stand pipe/borehole water requirements are indicated It is realized that by the year 2009, 552 water points will be needed .



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