Accessibility to Health Facilities 

Technically speaking none of the health facilities qualifies as a hospital. Accessibility to Health Facilities in the District is skewed towards communities surrounding Asiwa Dunkuraa and Tebeso.  The District Asiwa Health Centre is yet to be upgraded to a hospital status. 

The Distribution of Health facilities in the District is as follows;

Health Facility                 Location           Remarks
Asiwa Health Centre       Asiwa               Operational
Dunkuraa Health Centre   Dunkuraa         Operational 
Tebeso II Health Centre   Tebeso II           Operational
St. Maternity Home          Yapesa           Operational
Nsuaem II Clinic              Nsuaem II        Operational 

Efforts are being made to establish a hospital at Dajanso and Rural Health Facility at Nsuta. Construction works on both facilities are almost completed but are yet to be operational. 


Date Created : 11/25/2017 4:18:31 AM