Location and Boundaries

Located in the southern part of Ashanti Region. The Municipality lies within 6º 00’N - 6º30 ‘N and Longitudes 1º00W and 1º 35W.


The Municipality covers a total land area of about 633sqkm    

Lies within the forest dissected plateau physiographic region. It has average height registering between 150 and 300 metres above sea level
The topography is relatively flat with occasional undulating uplands which rise around  240meters and 300 meters.


Drained by the Oda river and its tributaries including  Dankran. It portrays a dendritic pattern. The construction of small irrigation dam on the Oda River offers great potential for agricultural development all year round.

Climatic characteristics

The climate is semi-equatorial type.
It is characterized by double maxima rainfall.
The first major rainfall season starts from March and ends in July.
The second rainfall starts from September and ends in November.
The mean annual rainfall is between 1600-1800mm.
It has fairly high and uniform temperature ranging between 32ºc in March and 20ºc in August. 
Relative Humidity is fairly moderate but high during the rainy season.
It ranges between 70 and 80 percent in the dry season. 
Temperature regime and rainfall pattern enhance the cultivation of food crops. 

Vegetation Characteristics.

Lies within the moist semi-deciduous forest zone Species in the forest are Odum, Wawa, Edinam and Mahogany. Vegetation reduced to secondary forest due to bad farming practices. Predominant vegetative covers are chronolaena, ordorata popularly called Acheampong shrub.


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