Traditional Administration

The District has recognised traditional authorities that help in the development process of the District. In Kpone, the head of the traditional institution is the paramount chief who rules with the help of a council of elders . These chiefs help to settle disputes and plan development projects.The traditional institution is highly respected which explains why it has been resilient over the years. The traditional council plays a key role in mobilising the people for communal activities and should be the first point of call for any social event.

 It is noteworthy to mention that, the traditional authority within the district has been very benevolent in the way they quickly release large parcels of land for the infrastructural develpoment agenda of the District. The various chiefs have donated parcel of land for the construction of schools, police stations, clinics among others. The Kpone traditional council has donated a very large portion of land for the construction of the Assembly‚Äôs office and residential accommodations and deserves an unreserved commendation.

 ln the same vein, it has also permitted the Assembly to develop the office portion of its uncompleted community centre for use temporarily until the substantive offices are constructed in the near future.


Date Created : 11/20/2017 7:29:57 AM