The main occupation in the area includes fishing, fish mongering,farming (crop production and livestock rearing) and salt mining.Majority farmers in the area use indigenous tools such as hoes and cutlasses as their main tools for farming activities. Most of the youth in Kpone work are engaged in sand winning and farming activities.

The women in this area are also engaged in the nursing of seedlings for sale and petty trading, whilst a sizable number of men and women are civil servants. Agricultural activities in the district are very prominent and this can be grouped into crop production, livestock production, fishing and agro-processing. The crops produced in the Districtare maize, cassava, tomatoes,onions, pepper and okro. Crop farming is predominant in the Katamanso area whereas fishing is predominant in Kpone.

 Animal rearing is mostpractised in the Katamanso area. The types of animal reared in the district include cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and grass cutter. These animals are produced on both subsistence and commercial basis. Some livestock and poultry farms located in the District include Dufie Farms,Agro-Chic Farms, Prudence Farm and Chris Farm.

 Fishing and its related activities play a vital role in the economic development of the district. Fishing is predominant in the Kpone area because the community is close to the sea. The type of fishing practiced includes ring net fishing, hooking and wide net fishing. The fishermen use local canoes operated by outboard motors. Those engaged in this activityhave grouped themselves into associations. These associations are the Fish Mongers Association and the Cooperative Fishing Society. However, the Cooperative Fishing Society is now redundant due to poor management and lack of funds.


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