There is one Paramount Chief for Nkoranza North and South, and Kintampo North and South Districts. Nkoranza North has 15 sub chiefs who pay allegiance to the Paramount Chief and hold the land in trust of the citizens and families.


Nkoranza North District, like other Akan societies, has a variety of festivals; the most prominent one is the Munufie Festival. It is a yam festival celebrated annually in October to mark the harvest of new yams. People who visit the palace especially at the time of the festival are taught orally the historic culture of the people.

Ethnicity and language

There is a huge ethnic diversity within the district. Although a heterogeneous district, the Bonos still continue to dominate. They are the natives of the district and constitute about 60 percent of the population of the district. The main language spoken is Bono, one of the Twi dialects of the Akan origin. Other major ethnic groups in the district are Dagartis, Kasem and Konkombas.


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