Information Communications Technology (ICT) is recognized as an important component of socio-economic development in contemporary times. ICT has been identified as a significant factor to bring about transformation by creating an enabling environment for communication. It is in line with this that the government has being implementing policies and programmes to expand access of the population to the use of ICT infrastructure. This chapter discusses information on the ownership of mobile phones, desktop and laptop computers and access to internet facilities by individuals and households in the Nkoranza North district.

Ownership of Mobile Phones

There are 43,598 persons who are12 years and older comprising 50.2 percent males and 49.8 percent females. In all, a total of 13,397 persons 12 years and older own mobile phones representing 30.7 percent of the relevant population in the district. The table further shows that 35.8 percent of persons 12 years and older who own mobile phones are males with 25.6 percent females. This also means that more males own mobile phones than females.

Use of Internet

Internet usage among persons 12 years and older in the Nkoranza North district is 1.1 percent. The table further shows that the proportion of males 12 years and older using the internet facility in the District (1.6%) is nearly three times that of females (0.6%).

Household Ownership of Fixed Telephone lines

The households having fixed telephone lines by sex of head. A total of 14 households reported owning fixed telephone lines representing just 0.1 percent of all households in the District. The proportion of male headed households who own fixed telephone lines is 0.11 percent whilst those of female headed households is 0.09 percent.

Household Ownership of Desktop/Laptop Computers

The percent of households in the district have desktop or laptop computers. The proportion of male headed household (2.5%) have desktop/laptop computers is higher than the same proportion for female headed households (1.4 %)



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