Cultural and Social Structure

Religion and ethnicity

A greater majority of the population (46,040) persons in the Nandom district profess the Christian faith (85.7%) with only a small proportion of the population being Muslims (6.6%). On the other hand, Traditionalist constitutes (1.0%) of the while 2.0 percent of the population of Nandom belonged to no religion at all. Generally, more females (86.4%) than males (85%) are reported Christians.

The most predominant tribe in the District is the Dagaabas. There are other minor tribes such as the Hausa, Mossi, Sissala, Asante etc.

Traditional authorities

Alongside the decentralized governance system is a supportive traditional governance system which appears to be in harmony with the District Assembly System thereby promoting development in the local area. The District has one paramountcy, that is, the Nandom Paramountcy headed by the Nandom Naa. He is supported by Seventeen Divisional Chiefs and several Sub-Division Chiefs.


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