Like in the many districts of the country, agriculture is the predominant source of employment and serves as the main stay of the economy of Mpohor District. Yet in reality, the exact proportion and characteristics of the population in agriculture has not adequately been considered in previous national censuses. As a precursor to a national agriculture survey, the 2010 collected data on agriculture. 

An agricultural household was where, at least, one person in the household was engaged in any type of farming activity, namely crop farming, tree growing, livestock rearing and fish farming (GSS, 2012). The economy of Mpohor District is an agrarian economy due to the contribution of agriculture to labour absorption in the District. About 64 percent of households in the District are into various forms of agricultural activities. The focus and objectives of this chapter are to highlight the households engaged in agriculture in the District and their types of farming activities. 

Households in Agriculture

According to data in Table 7.1, the main occupation in the Mpohor District Assembly is agriculture. Out of the 11,572 households, 63.9 percent are into various forms of agriculture leaving. Majority of the agricultural households in the District are either crop farmers (94.2%) or livestock keepers (32.2). Comparatively, there are more agricultural households in rural areas (72.0%) than in urban communities (40.9%).


Distribution of livestock and keepers

With reference to Table 7.2, there are 57,973 livestock and 4,062 keepers in the District. The greatest livestock being kept is Chicken (61.5%), goat is 18.3 percent, sheep is 7.7 percent, duck is 4.7 percent and fish from fish farming is 3.9 percent. These are the five most reared livestock constituting 96.1 percent of all livestock. All other livestock constitute less than four percent in the District except that there are no Beehives and fish from marine fishing in the District. On average, fish farming constitutes the highest average animal per keeper (750).


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