Ga East: Okocha is hopeful of winning upcoming elections
The Abokobi Assemblyman in the Ga East Municipality, Moses Ola Dowuona, also known as "Okocha," is confident about his chances of winning the upcoming elections scheduled for December 19, 2023.

Date Created : 11/23/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Theresa Workartey/ghanadsitricts.com

During an interview with ghanadistricts.com, the Assemblyman expressed his belief that he has made significant contributions that warrant his re-election.

He has successfully advocated for various initiatives, including the development of the Abokobi market, the improvement of paved stations, and the establishment of nurses’ quarters in Abokobi.

In his role as the workshop committee chairman, Mr. Dowuona has been able to secure contracts for the assembly through effective lobbying.

Furthermore, he has actively supported the education of numerous children, assisted individuals with healthcare expenses, and facilitated skills training programs in carpentry, hairdressing, and tailoring for the youth.

Moses Ola Dowuona who said he poised to even do more to ensure the needed development has thus called on the people to retain him, and he will not disappoint them.