This part of the District Development Plan (2014-2017) identifies the programmes and projects whose implementation will assist in the realization of the objectives of the 2014-2017 MTDP.

The Development programmes and projects are carefully phased out year by year within the four (4) year period and these are reflected in the Annual Plans indicating what action to be taken, by whom and at what time.

The criteria adopted in selecting projects into the four year plan include the following:

• Projects with low financial investment;

• Projects that enhance community participation;

• Projects that will generate employment;

• Projects that will improve upon the quality and life of the people;

• Projects that respond to the felt needs of the people;

• Projects that seek to alleviate poverty;

• Projects that are feasible, in fact within the financial capacities of the Assembly and its partners.


The projects were selected with the active participation of the stakeholders at the Town/Area Councils and line department levels. The nature and location of projects, their schedule and contribution to be made by the communities, implementing, and monitoring and evaluation agencies are also indicated in the accompanying matrix.



At the preparation stage of the plan the following partners were identified especially during the POCC analysis.

• District Assembly Common Fund (DACF)

• District Development Facility (DDF)

• Ghana AIDS Commission

• Ghana Government support

• Pencil of Promise




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