The Municipality has two hospitals, located at Salaga and Nkanchina, three health centers and as many as ten clinics with two of them not functioning. In spite of this, health care coverage in the Municipality is poor. The Municipality has 40 kindergartens, 125 primary schools, 37 junior secondary schools and three senior secondary schools.


There has been a marked improvement in enrolment at all levels of basic school education. Since the inception of the district assemblies common fund in 1994, the East Gonja Municipal Assembly’s share for the period 1994 -1998 amounted to ¢2,770,086,655. This has been spent on various sectors including education, health, energy, water and sanitation.


Telecommunication and ICT


The Municipality enjoys the services of five (5) telecommunication providers namely Ghana telecom which provides fixed line services as well as cellular, MTN, AITELTIGO provide only cellular services. The Municipality also has an ICT centre which provides internet services, ICT training and secretariat services.


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