Administration and Structure

The Ashaiman Municipal Assembly is headed by a political head, that is, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) and assisted administratively by the Municipal Co-ordinating Director. The Assembly through the Local Government Act of 1993 (ACT 462, section 10 sub sections 1,2,3,4 and 5) carries out legislative, deliberative and executive functions of Government.

There are currently twenty seven (27) Assembly members including the Municipal Chief Executive and the Member of Parliament for Ashaiman constituency. The remaining twenty five (25) members are made up of eight (8) appointed and seventeen (17) elected members. There are only four (4) women out of the twenty seven (27) Assembly members, representing only about 15 percent. The Municipality is divided into seven zonal councils under which exist seventeen (17) electoral areas. There are 13 Departments performing various functions in the Municipality.


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