BONGO: DCE Shares Soap to Residents as Xmas Gift
Whiles most well to do in the Ghanaian society prefer to observe festive seasons with families and loved ones at luxurious places, the DCE for Bongo, Peter Ayinbisa portrayed his love in giving back to society by guzzling with the aged in his community.

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He brought together over 200 aged in Soe, a suburb in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region to interact and dine with them in a grand

the beneficiaries were treated to local music with enough local beer ‘pito’, assorted drinks of their choice and well-packaged food. Not only that, they were each given half bars of key soap.

This gesture of an individual organizing free parties or sittings for rural aged folk is rare in northern communities of Ghana.

Funeral houses or local festivals are the substantial avenues where these ‘poor’ old men and women mostly get to enjoy themselves with free drinks and food.

But the Bongo DCE, who has been extending this service annually in an interview with A1 News said “this is the way I can appreciate my people for their unflinching support they have offered me all these years’’.

When asked why the youth who form a chunk of the over seven thousand residents in Soe were not the gist for such occasions, Mr. Ayinbisa explained that “you know the youth are more energetic and can do menial jobs to take care of their needs especially festive seasons like Christmas and New Year but as you can see, the aged are limited and in a way to motivate and make them feel essential in the society, there is the need to bring them together like we have witnessed today but the youth are not forgotten because there are more avenues for them than this”

Meanwhile, speaking in separate interviews with the beneficiaries who were seated happily gesticulating in discussions with their peers, they expressed gratitude to the DCE for the kind show of love for humanity and asked for more blessings from their ancestors and God for him.

Mr. Ayinbisa has climbed the political leader as an Assembly Member, Constituency Chairman and now District Chief Executive for Bongo. He is deeply rooted with the grassroots resulting from his availability and support for community works.