Northcode Ghana launches violent extremism project
A Ghanaian based NGO, Coalition for Development of Northern Ghana (NORTHCODE-Ghana) has launched its new project “Implementation of Strengthening the Grassroots Capacities for Peace building in the Salwa – Tuna–Kalba District of the Savanna Region.

Date Created : 10/20/2022 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Takora Iddrisu Benjamin/

The project, targeted at Preventing Violent Extremism is under the auspices of COGINTA with funding from the European Union.

The project Coordinator at NORTHCODE-Ghana, Mr Cletus Zume in an address said, violent extremism in our neighboring countries like Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Togo is becoming rampant hence the need for the implementation of the project in that area.

He added that, a lot has been heard in the past one to two years on the activities of violent extremism, a situation which some people have elected to destroy the world by doing mass killings of people in communities and villages without any reason, Mr. Zume explained that, the activities of such people who usually just feel like destroying humanity including the killing of women, children and men for no reason in neighboring Burkina Faso cannot be attached to a particular religion but an indication that the devil is now with us in our societies.

Mr. Cletus cautioned people living closer to the border towns to be very vigilant in their activities and report any suspected person in their communities to the security personnel’s and also pleaded to the security to beef up their men in the border areas.

The operations manager for the project, Mr. Dokuugu Andrew Yahaya outlined the objectives of the project, saying it is to improve the knowledge and understanding of all segments of their communities’ of the underlying causal factors, triggers, drivers and effects of violent conflict through awareness creation.

Strengthen the capacities of their target communities to enable them carry out contextual analyses of vulnerabilities in their environments, including identifying the early warning signs for potential conflicts and violent extremism. 

To Develop effective local structures through the establishment of Community Peace Cells (CPCs) and enabling mechanisms for timely and effective response to emerging threats of Violent Extremism and to create a network of local actors and institutional collaborators for a seamless and timely flow of information on any early warning signs of conflict and extremist tendencies to ensure timely reporting for the intervention by the competent bodies and institutions whenever faced with threats of conflict and or violent extremism.

He also disclosed that the project will be implemented in partner communities such as Gbalyiri, Jinpreyiri, Talgalayiri, Kulbi, Wula, and Kalba.

The Grants Manager for Savannah Region at COGNITA – Ghana, Mr. Fatao on behalf of its team leader for, Rev. Dr. Clement Aapengnuo in a speech said the project lunch is in line with government’s vision to promoting sustainable peace and development in the northern parts of Ghana explaining that, the program is aligned with several initiatives including the national peace architecture and the national framework for the prevention and countering of violent extremism and terrorism in Ghana.

He further added that, the programs framework forms the backbone of the national security strategy and the basis for the production of detailed and comprehensive national, institutional, regional, district and community action plans for the coordination of activities for the prevention and countering of violent extremism and terrorism in Ghana.

The Project is supported by Coginta with funding from the European Union (EU) and was launched by a representative of the District Chief Executive, Mr Anafu Timothy.

Participants who attended the project launch included the security services made up of the Police, Immigration, customs, CHRAJ, NCCE, Traditional Rulers, Peace Council, CSOS, the media, NIB, Women leaders, Assembly members, youth groups, District Assembly officers among others.