GNPC hands over dining hall to Esiama Sec. Tech.
As part of GNPC’s core objects in providing infrastructure for schools in the country, a fit for purpose dining hall was handed over to Esiama Secondary Technical School in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region.

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Esiama Secondary Technical School which was established in 1921 as a Government Boys’ school was converted to an experimental Junior High School in 1978. It was changed to a Day secondary school status in 1990. It attained full Boarding school status in 2013.

The school now has a student population of One Thousand Five Hundred and Sixty (1560). They perform very creditably in the field of sports, culture, entertainment and academia. In 2022 WASSCE, the school emerged as the best in the Nzema Zone and placed fourth in the whole of Western Region.

At a short ceremony to hand over the facility to the school, the Head of Environment and Social Amenities Unit of GNPC Foundation, Loubabat Habib Jawulaa told the school that the dining hall is a unique project under the scheme of operations of the entity, hence, a greater duty of care should be placed on the facility.

The Headmistress of the school, Madam Francisca Biney expressed her profound gratitude to GNPC for giving them the dining hall. She said prior to the provision of the edifice, the students eat their meals under the trees, and anytime it rains, they use the assembly as their dining place.

So the facility has given her a big sigh of relief. She added that this will go a long way to improve the learning outcomes of the students.
GNPC, which has become a leading name in CSR activities, recognizes a dining hall to be more than just a place to eat; but an environment that promotes well-being and positive social interactions.

A well-designed space with comfortable seating, ample school dining tables and natural light, promote a sense of belonging and encourage students to enjoy their meals. Furthermore, the physical environment is essential to establish a supportive and inclusive culture within the dining hall.

This is realized by implementing a variety of seating arrangements that encourage interaction between students from different grades and backgrounds. In achieving diversity and inclusivity, students can learn from one another, develop social skills, and build lasting connections.

A good dining experience goes beyond the immediate benefits of nutrition and social interaction; it also has a profound impact on students’ learning in the classroom.

When students have access to healthy and balanced meals, their cognitive abilities are enhanced, allowing them to focus better, retain information, and perform optimally academically.

Proper nutrition provides the necessary fuel for their minds, enabling them to engage actively in the learning process and achieve their full potential.