Operation Cowleg is a success
Operation Cowleg is a success as over 90% of the cattle has already left Agogo and its environs.

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“We cannot continue to entertain lawlessness in our dear country. I can’t understand why crop farmers acquire their own piece of land for their activities but cattle owners refuse to acquire land for their cattle”.

How on earth can these cattle owners continue to feed on the products of our poor farmers as a cheap source of feed for their cattle why our farmers continue to luxuriate in abject poverty.

We the people of Agogo are not against any group of people but we are calling for equity, fairness and reasonableness. It is time the cattle rearers decide to invest in their businesses by ranching the animals in a confined location and provide pastures in the ranch for their animals so they desist from using the products of our poor farmers as their feed.

We cannot mention the number of farmers that were killed by these nomadic herdsmen, the number of women that were raped by these herdsmen and the destruction of farm products which cannot be quantified.

The question most people ask is where are they going? Though legitimate but where did they come from. In fact because the Fulani’s and their herdsmen did not conduct themselves well and decided to take the law into their own hands, we the people of Asante Akim North are not ready to accommodate them anymore.

Moreover they were not able to acquire land for their activities and this makes their evacuation very simple as they continue to be squatters on our land. A court of competent jurisdiction ordered them to vacate the area in January 2012, six (6) years down the line these cattle owners and their herdsmen were adamant. I don’t know if l should call it contempt, the lawyers will help us here.

I heard some people were talking about compensation. They were only seeking for the public sympathy. They did not think about the lost lives, the acreages of farm destructions and the numerous rape cases. I don’t think some animals are more important than human beings. The loss of one life cannot be compared to the few cattle that died in the cause of the evacuation process.

We all know that the long term solution to these menace is ranching system as proposed by many expects but from my experience these cattle owners are not ready to invest in the ranching system. Is it the government responsibility to find land and also bear the cost of the ranching for the cattle owners or as businessmen they should be ready and acquire their own land? Let’s all debate on it.

No more nomadic herdsmen in Agogo. We say No to Cattle rearing and its accompanying menace.

Francis Oti Boateng – DCE Asante Akim North