AMA maintains current Business Operating Permit fees for 2024
The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has announced that its 2023 Business Operating Permit (BOP) rates will be maintained for the fiscal year 2024.

Date Created : 9/5/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Patrick Ofoe Nudzi/

The decision was reached after a series of discussions with its stakeholders, who sought, among other things, to reduce the financial burden on businesses and support their recovery and growth efforts.

The announcement was made during a stakeholder engagement organised by the Budget Department of the AMA on the preparation of the 2024 Fee Fixing Resolution (FFR) in Accra.

Madam Elizabeth Kwatsoe Sackey, Chief Executive Officer of the AMA, stated that while the fees played a vital role in funding essential services and infrastructure projects in the metropolis, it was important to maintain a balance between regulatory requirements and the economic realities faced by businesses.

In a speech read on her behalf, she noted that the Assembly would not accomplish its objectives without the support of stakeholders.

“We are committed to ensuring a balance between regulatory requirements and the economic realities faced by businesses in the metropolis," she said.

Madam Sackey stressed that the AMA would continue to promote policies, initiatives, and programs that utilize funds to promote the general development of people in the city.

She emphasised the importance of timely payment of business permit fees to the Assembly's development and urged all ratepayers in the city to honour their financial obligations.

Madam Sackey recommended that business owners furnish the Assembly with the necessary information to ensure that their businesses are classified correctly.

Sara Johnson, a business owner, said it was refreshing that the assembly was aware of the challenges that businesses were experiencing and "has made a decision that supports our recovery efforts."

“This sends a positive message that they are committed to helping us succeed," she said.

The Business Operating Permit (BOP) Fees are as follows
Timber Products Retail Outlets
Category "A" Large Scale at Gh¢ 1,300
Category "B" Medium Scale at Gh¢ 750
Category "C" Small Scale at Gh¢ 300
Trade/Custom/Inspection Companies
Category "A" at Ghc 3, 700
Category "B" at Ghc2, 200
Category "C" at Gh¢ 1, 205
Tourism Licensed Facilities (Accommodation Facilities)
Hotels, Beach, Resorts, Motels, and Apartments
Category "A" Five Star at Gh¢ 14, 000
Category "B" Four Star at Gh¢ 13, 000
Category "C" Three Star at Gh¢ 3, 500
Category "D" Two Star at Gh¢ 1, 000
Category "E" One Star at Gh¢ 900
Guests Houses (4 - 9 rooms) at Gh¢ 750
Budget Hostels at Gh¢ 500
Beach Recreational Facilities
Category "A" at Gh¢ 1, 300
Category "B" at Gh¢ 520
Category A - Grade 1 at Gh¢ 2, 800
Category B - Grade 2 at Gh¢ 1, 200
Category C - Grade 3 at Gh¢ 600