Communities urged to preserve the environment
Naba Daazuur, Kpikpira Daana on Wednesday called on Chiefs and people of the Bimoba traditional area to endeavour to preserve the environment to sustain nature and check the constant degradation caused to the forests by man.

Date Created : 2/23/2018 2:48:49 AM : Story Author : GNA

According to the Chief, the environment was so delicate and important that it needed constant attention to keep it flourishing for the benefit of humanity and growing generations.

He said it was the only habitat for all living things including human beings and said “when the last tree dies the last man dies too”.

He explained that negative activities such as deforestation of all forms, including; the felling of special species of trees like the rosewood, bush burning, sand winning, noise making, air and soil pollution were causes for the ceaseless global warming.

Naba Daazuur reiterated that the earth was the only place created for man and needed to be fully protected by man, ‘because God created it and directed man to have dominion over it’ and said it was regrettable that human activities through greed continuously destroyed the forests, water bodies and other vegetation covers that made up the earth.

The Kpikpira Daana made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at his palace at Kpirpkira in the Garu-Tempane District of the Upper East Region as part of activities ahead of this year’s Danjuur festival.

Naba Daazuur pointed out that global warming had come to stay as result of negative environmental practices such bush burning, deforestation, air pollution among others and said it had become major threat to the development of mankind and charged Chiefs and people of the area to do everything possible to prevent bush fires and the destruction of vegetation which was a disincentive to good farming practices.

He encouraged the people to take the national sanitation exercises seriously as it was an activity that promoted healthy practices and ensured clean environment to prevent possible outbreaks of diseases and epidemics such as malaria, cholera among others.

Naba Daazuur called on land owners to cooperate with the District Assembly and release lands for the construction of a community cemetery in the area to allow for proper burial of the dead and avoid indiscriminate burials.

He commended the people of the traditional area for their peaceful nature and urged them to continue exhibiting maturity and use the festival to promote peace and development for others to emulate adding that peace was the ultimate tool that could ensure development for the people in the Kpikpira traditional area.