Give us the infrastructure befitting a municipality - MP
The Member of Parliament (MP) for Jirapa, Mr Francis Bawaana Dakurah, has underlined the need to ensure that the elevation of the Jirapa District into a Municipality comes with the required infrastructure.

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He said the new status would not make meaning to the people if it was unaccompanied by the provision of the necessary resources, which would help to transform their lives.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Jirapa, Mr Dakurah said his expectation was that the government would move quickly to provide it with everything befitting a municipality.

The people should have a real feel for the elevation.

“If it is just an appreciation to us that we are now a municipality and nothing concrete is done and it ends there, then it is a failure."

Jirapa has been struggling with many challenges, including bad roads and lack of potable water.

The municipal status should bring some relief in terms of services - construction of roads, access to good drinking water, improved sanitation and electricity supply.

The area holds a lot of promise with its tourist sites and natural resources.