Cashew farmers in Bono East calls for buyers
The decline in cashew production and its quality has dropped the cashews prices from GH 8.5 per kilogram to GH. 7 prices per kilo in 2024, the price fluctuations has consequently influenced investors from coming to buy cashews since the season opens.

Date Created : 1/24/2024 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Yawson Duah Alhassan/

The Kintampo South cashew farmer’s union Chairman in the Bono East region, Mr. Alex Kudom and his executives in a press conference has expressed worry over the slow pace of cashew purchase.

In the conference, the union executives draw the attention of the local farmers, the remedy, and mitigation strategies to meet the international market standard and attract more buyers during this cashew season.

Ideally, "high-quality cashew nuts should have a firm, crunchy, texture not too soft or mushy" he added. He also tackled poor storage conditions which are affecting many cashew nuts, some nuts having lost their flavor and nutritional value driving away investors and buyers while urging the cashews farmers to avoid such practices .

Mr. Alex Kudom took the opportunity to appeal to the government to pay road contractors working in the Kintampo South districts to resume their work because all their road network around the area are in deplorable state hence making it difficult for the buyers to come to the area to buy their cashew nuts.

The 2nd Vice Chairman of the Union, Mr. Kofi Aboagye, also urged cashews farmers to avoid using unapproved sacks like fertilizers sacks rather used approved sacks like the jute cocoa sacks because that is what has been found among all the local cashew farmers which is also the bad practice to secure high quality produce.