MCE appeals to matriculants not to reject deprived areas
The Municipal Chief Executive of Birim Central, Kwabena Bempong has appealed to matriculates of Hopkins Health Training Institute in Akim Oda to desist from rejecting opportunities in areas considered as deprived in the country.

Date Created : 2/2/2018 1:12:52 AM : Story Author : Irene Kwakye/

He said the ceremony was very significant because it is a statutory gathering to formally admit deserving and qualified candidates who have been fortunate and privileged to be offered admission into the institution.

The MCE further indicated that though Ghana seems to be on the right path in bringing down the nurse-patient ratio, more still needs to be done. He said the 2015 annual progress report by the National Development Planning Commission puts Ghana at one nurse to seven hundred and thirty nine patients which is far an improvement over the W.H.O. benchmark.

Mr. Bempong said the government of Ghana will continue with policies aimed at improving healthcare delivery by reducing the nurse to patient ratio and motivating nurses while they are under training, and so it is on this vision that the government has restored the nursing training allowance in fulfillment of its manifesto promise.

Secondly the government is also committed to the expansion of health infrastructure in order to create more employment opportunities for the nurse after school and also make health care easily accessible.

He advised them to abide by the rules and regulation of the training institution so that they can inculcate the good culture of the profession and work with them after school and also said discipline should be their hallmark.

People present were board of directors, representatives from the nurses and midwifery council, the principal, registrar, tutors and management staff, Nananom, religious leaders, senior members of the nursing profession matriculants and parent and guardians