Agricultural Colleges Students appeal to government to address their problems
Agricultural Colleges Students Unions of Ghana have given government up to next semester in 2019 to solve their problems or else they will be unable to resume 2019 semester.

Date Created : 12/18/2018 6:19:12 AM : Story Author : Francis Vorsah/

According to them, all the 5 Agricultural Colleges in Ghana are faced with a lot of challenges notably; payment of allowances, feeding grants, poor infrastructure among a host of other problems.

The students union claimed that allowances for students of agricultural colleges have been scrapped off since 2015 and this has led to the decline in the number of students applying to be enrolled in the agricultural colleges in the sense that they don't have any support as in allowance from the government to cushion them in their studies.

They expressed their displeasure over government’s unfair treatment meted out to them having moved graduates from the teacher and nursing trainee colleges into the job market but have not shown similar interest in graduates from the agriculture colleges.

They opined that their contributions towards national development is very crucial particularly in the various programmes introduced by government including ‘planting for food and jobs’ to modernize and boost agriculture production to ensure food security and reduce poverty.

At a protest march by students from the Ohawu Agriculture College in the Ketu North Municipality to drive home their grievances, they carried placards some of which read ‘Government is killing agricultural slowly’, ‘Planting for Food and Job must start from Colleges of Agriculture’ ‘No allowance no school’ among others.

According to them the current government promised to reinstate their allowance but as at now nothing has been done about it, and all their efforts yielded no results.