DCE mediates impasse over deletion of LEAP beneficiaries
The District Chief Executive for the Nanumba South District, Hon. N.I. Mukaila’s timely intervention has calm down an otherwise growing bitter relations between Action Aid, Songtaba and the Social Welfare department of the District Assembly on one hand and the people of Kukuo, a community about eighteen kilometres (18km) away from Wulensi; the district capital.

Date Created : 12/11/2017 1:11:11 AM : Story Author : Ziblim Mumuni/

The growing tension was over the deletion of about one hundred and nineteen (119) beneficiaries of the LEAP programme in the community.

According to Songtaba and Action Aid, the community members alleged during one of their usual meetings that Songtaba and Action Aid connived with the Social Welfare Department to delete those beneficiaries on grounds that they (Songtaba and Action Aid) have reunited those beneficiaries with their people.

This allegation did not go down well with the two named organizations for reason that they have never been aware of such development. As a result, a meeting was triggered by these two organizations to set the records straight.

According to the Social Welfare officer, the two organizations have no hands in the matter but, it was as a result of a design by the World Bank (the lead sponsor), to wind off institutional beneficiaries such as disability institutions, witch camps among others.

On his part, the Hon. DCE observed that it was the inaction of the Social Welfare officer to have educated the people about the turn of events which would have avoided that magnitude of bitter suspicions.

He appealed to the people to maintain calm as he discuss the issue with the officers involved at the office level to reconnect those beneficiaries.

He appealed to the two organizations not to allow the incident to mar their long standing relationship with the community.