Beposo poultry farmers calls for Gov’t support
The chairman of poultry farmers association at Beposo a community in the Sekyere Central Central has appealed to the government to adopt measures to enhance poultry business in the area.

Date Created : 10/17/2017 2:48:03 AM : Story Author : Omono Asamoah /

Speaking to the chairman of the association Mr Joseph Kwaku Ofori ,he explained that the government initiative dubbed "planting for food and jobs " crop farmers have enjoyed several incentives which have made crop farming attractive but nothing has been done so far to boost the morale of poultry farmers in the area.This was gathered during a forum between the DCE and the poultry  farmers at Beposo.

He also unveiled that,financial institutions in the area have not been fair to them simply because conditions attached to their loans facilities makes it difficult to comply with that is gradually declining their  business.

He stressed on the need of the government to show equity in its quest to improve upon the growth of agriculture in the country. We are therefore appealing to the government to subsidize the poultry inputs to enable us enlarge our  business.He added.

Responding  the aforementioned challenges confronting poultry farmers in the area, Hon Kwadwo Banahene Badiako the DCE for Sekyere central District underscored that, in the one district one factory program, maize processing factory has been earmarked and if the project materialize, poultry inputs would be manufactured in large productions for both domestic and exportation purposes which would help curb the burden of poultry farmers with regard to feeds to their birds.  

Tackling the financial burden of the farmers, he explained that ,he had got in touch with the financial institutions in the area and he had appealed to them to soften their stands to the poultry farmers so that they could have access to their loan facilities .

'Beside,MASLOC fund is also underway and when this comes to birth farmers would be able to get access to it with ease and that would help curtail their numerous challenge. "He finally stated.