The soils in the municipality can be classified into four main groups. These are:

  • Kumasi-Asuansi/Nta-Ofin, Nsaba-Swedru/Nta-Ofin and Bekwai-Nzima/Oda soil associations.
  • Atewa/Ansum, Adawso-Bawjiasi/Nta-Ofin, Atewiredu-Katie and Adukrom-Asikuma/Ansum soil association.
  • Yaya-Bediesi/Bejua, Nyanao-tinkong/Opimo and Pimpimso-Sutawa/Bejua Soil Associations.
  • Chichiwere-Ayensu/Kakum and Ao-Tefle Soil Association.

These soils occur in various parts. They are generally rich and fertile and they support a wide range of crops-coca, coffee, citrus, oil palm, rubber, cassava, yam, plantain and non-traditional crops-tiger nuts, black pepper, ginger, sun flower and sweet berry. The soils are equally good for rice, sugar-cane and vegetable cultivation.

Geological Resource

Greater part of the municipality is under laid with granite and Birimian rock formation. The assembly has a wide range of natural resources which are potential for development. These include gold and clay deposits, pockets of diamond deposits, forest and water resources. Some of these are being exploited and some remain unexploited.

Mineral Deposits

  1. Gold Deposits: These deposits are located at Awaham, Akanteng and Korbiso. Mining activities are being undertaken on small scale by companies that have been granted concessions and also by unregistered unlicensed operators.
  2. Clay Deposits: These are found around Odumkyere and Asuokyerema areas.
  3. Diamond Deposits: These are found around Akanteng and Anomakwadwo.

Date Created : 11/28/2017 12:01:07 AM