The  Jaman North District is one of the 261 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana, and forms part of the 12 of Municipalities and Districts in the Bono Regioncreated under the Legislative Instrument (LI) 1779 of 2004. 

With Sampa as its administrative capital, the is located between latitude 7’40” N and 8’ 27”N, and longitude 2’30”W and 2’ 60” W. The District is strategically located to the Western part of the region and to the North Western fringes of the neighboring Cote d’Ivoiré.has a total land area of 860 Square Kilometres 

The District itself also serves as a constituency (Jaman North Constituency) and has seven Area/Town Councils namely;  Sampa Town Council, Suma Area Council, Kwatwoma Area Council and Asiri/Jankufa Area Council. The rest are Goka Area Council, Nafana East and West Area Councils.

It shares local boundaries with Tain District to the north through to the eastern part of the district, Jaman South Municipal to the south-west and Berekum Municipal to the south-east.

The population of the District according to 2021 population and housing census stands at 
117,909 with

58,623 males and 59,286 females.