Tourism Attractions

The West Akim Municipal Assembly has adopted a realistic tourism policy under which the various tourist attractions could be developed and promoted within and outside the country.The  tourism potential is mainly scenic and historical site attractions.The Kwaku Sae Waterfall is located at Kwaku Sae-Amanfrom, near Brekumanso.It is about 20 metres high and is sited on River Ansom, which takes its source from the Atiwa Forest Range Reserves.

The waterfall flows throughout the year.At the topmost portion of this fall can be found a pond, which is surrounded by a natural vegetation of virgin forest with its peculiar characteristics, which provide a serene atmosphere. The Akanteng Waterfall is located in the Atewa Forest Range, about five kilometres south-east of Akanteng, near Osenase.

It is about 50 metres high and takes its source from River Emow. It has an all-year-round fall and its natural vegetation gives it an attractive look.The Aworotenteng Waterfall is located in the Atiwa Forest Reserves and is sited on River Pram, which is six kilometres away from Kobriso, near Akanteng.It is between 40m – 50m high and 10m – 15m wide.The natural virgin forest, which surrounds it, makes for a pleasurable atmosphere.

The Kwaku Yirebi-Odeng Cave, could be better described as a funnel, since it has openings at each end. It is situated on top of a hill, which is about three kilometres west of Kwaku Yirebi, a village near Sukrong-Awanfi; and is about 8m long, 1.5m wide and 2.5m high.The Yokpeh Cave, which derives its name from the Dangme language, means “Middle Rock”.It is located on a hill about five kilometres east of Bunso, near Asamankese.

The main characteristic of this cave is that it has two compartments and so resembles a two-roomed apartment in a building.The first one has a wide opening and can accommodate at least ten people, while the other one is narrower but longer and can accommodate between twenty and twenty-five people at a time.Then there is two-in-one palm tree at Ammako, about six kilometres from Brekumanso on the Asamankese-Suhum trunk road.

The tree is about 16 years old and is about eight metres high.There is a stone, which has naturally been carved out of a big rock boulder at Sakyi Kwadwo, a village about 300 metres from Oworam, which is the exact replica of the popular local “Oware” game.All the characteristic features of the Oware game are visible on it. The rock itself measures about 1.5 kilometres in length.

Finally, there is a shrine located beside a stream, which is about one kilometre away from Kobriso. The essential feature of this shrine is the spiritual assistance, which is offered by the Chief Fetish Priest, which includes the curing of infirmities and business and other breakthroughs.

Importantly, these tourist sites are in need of further infrastructural development, such as chalets and recreational facilities. Consequently, there are significant investment opportunities available in the tourism sector for investors interested in establishing ongoing concerns in West Akim Municipal.

Date Created : 11/27/2017 11:58:36 PM