Most industries in West Akim Municipal can be classified under small and medium scale industries, i.e. Industries that have a total workforce of up to 30 persons each. The industrial activities in this district are diversified., ranging from sawmill where high technology equipment are used to handicrafts and other craftworks which are produced using simple tools. 

Statistics on the exact number of these Industries are sketchy, but can be grouped into the following:

  • Household Industries
  • Handicrafts/Traditional Crafts  
  • Modern Crafts 
  • Small/Medium Scale Manufacturing

Household Industries

These are manufacturing activities carried out in or near the home. In this industry, family labour is used with the objective of providing basic needs, and augmenting the family income. The production methods are labour intensive, and there is no division of labour. Included in this category of industries are palm and kernel oil extraction, cassava processing and basket weaving industry.      
Palm oil production and cassava processing are the most organized household industries in the district. Some producers have formed co-operatives and some private individuals have acquired extraction plants, and individual oil extractors send their palm fruits and kernel to be extracted for a fee. These industries are spread district wide. Most settlements have either cassava processing or palm/kernel oil extracting industry or both. While these industries are boosting the economic wealth of the district, their environmental aspect should be looked at carefully so as to ensure proper disposal of their waste. 


Handicrafts rare produced by craftsmen who normally work alone with a few apprentices without much division of labour. Traditional tools and implements are used with little modernization. Activities here include gold/silver smith, blacksmiths, and wood carvers. These industries are located in Asamankese, Adeiso and Osenase. The wood carvers are located in Adeiso, Okurase, Asikasu, Mepom, Asamankese, Asuaba and Asuotwene. 

Blacksmiths produce among other things hoes and axes used in the agricultural sector. Wood ,carvers produce carvings, drums, masks, mortar stools and aware, which are exported to Accra and overseas. 

Modern Craft

This is a workshop activity. Car repairing, radio and television technicians, auto mechanics, electrical/gas welders, and wood working shops. These workshops are scattered all over the district. Some of these operators are not registered and operate in their houses and in front of houses; most of these workshops are located along the trunk roads. These activities provide the highest number of trainees. 

Small/ Medium Scale Manufacturing

This category of industries is capital intensive, with each industry employing between 5 and 30 people. These industries use modern production methods and produce both traditional and modern products. 

The industries in West Akim municipal include the following

  1. Food processing
  2. Distilling and blending alcohol Sawmill 
  3. Furniture and fixtures

The sitting of these small-scale industries does not conform to the present spatial classification in the district. Most of these industries are located in residential areas and other areas not earmarked for industries, and they produce such nuisances as noise, dust, fumes, unpleasant odour in the communities where they are located. In addition to the environmental nuisances that these industries generate, they are known to have adverse effect on services such as water and electricity i.e. there is general over load on various energy transformers that feed the various sections of the district. 

In view of this, light industrial estates are proposed for the urban settlements.  The purpose of these estates, among others is to: 

  1. bring about sanity in the use of land in the communities;
  2. bring about efficiency in the use of infrastructure such as electricity and water reduce constructional and service costs 
  3. minimize environmental degradation and pollution; 
  4. bring about an effective identification and collection of related
  5. taxes; promote a forward and backward linkage between various levels of industries and services; 
  6. promote/create employment opportunities for the youth who have hitherto been drifting to the cities.

A considerable number of small-industrialists also train people in apprenticeship. The increasing number of school leavers, are engaged as apprentices in various vocations in the informal sector. Carpentry, carving, dressmaking and hair dressing are the main vocations. A few are also engaged in radio and auto-mechanics. 

Agro-Based Processing Industries

Raw materials such as cassava, oil palm and citrus are readily available . Investors can, for instance, go into the processing industries, such as cassava and citrus processing.

Abundant Agricultural Land

The assembly is blessed with abundant agricultural land. Significantly, the soil is very fertile and supports all types of crops.

Existence of Big Rivers Which are Perennial

Notable among the big rivers are Ayensu, Ntoasu, Abukyen, Akora, Supon, Obotwene/Ansong and Adeiso. These rivers are mostly perennial due to the Double Maxima rainfall, which feeds them and can therefore be harnessed to be used for Irrigation, fishing and pipe-bore water supply.

Clay Deposits

Clay deposits are found around Odumkyere and Asuokyerema areas. Investors can take due advantage and go into the brick and tile industry, as well as paint and powder production.

Gold Deposits

Gold deposits are found at Awaham, Akanteng and Kobriso. Currently, mining activities are being undertaken on a small scale by companies that have been granted concessions and also by unregistered galamsey operators.

Diamond Deposits

Diamond deposits are found around Akanteng and Anomakwadwo.

Granite Stone

Granite stones are also found in the  and investors can take due advantage and go into  quarry business.

Large Labour Force with High Literate Rate

Investors in the can have access to a large labour force with high literacy rate while specialists are less than one hour drive away.

Abundant Forest Products

The Assembly abounds with many forest products. Investors can take advantage of the abundant forest products and establish large scale wood industries.

Key Development Problem 

  • Low capital base for ’small scale industries Problems
  • Difficulty in accessing credit - collateral as a hindrance to capital   Lack of skills 
  • High cost of local raw materials 
  • Low prices of finished products 
  • Purchasing of finished products on credit 
  • Lack of marketing fronts among industrialists
  • Limited access to credit facilities 
  • Unfavorable land tenure system      
  • Use of obsolete technologies and machines 
  • Inadequate supply of water 
  • Poor nature of road network 
  • High transport fares 
  • Few banking institutions

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