According to the 2000 Population and Housing Census, the Municipality has a total population of 152,264 comprising 69,670 males and 82,594 females. Now,(2010) the total population is projected to be 211,915 comprising 97,269 males and 114,646 females, an increase of about 39.2% from 2000, and these are to be found in 168 settlements.

The Municipal population constitutes almost 7% of the Central Region population and relating it to the 1984 Census and the various intermediate extrapolations the annual rate of population growth is estimated as 2.8%. About 37% of the populations live in areas classified as urban. Saltpond, the Municipality capital has a population of 20,786 approximately 10.0% of the total population with Mankessim, the largest town with a population of 32,671 is also an important commercial center.

Date Created : 11/23/2017 7:54:26 AM