Tourism Attractions

Tourism holds potentially large rewards for private investors interested in going into that area.There are beach resorts at both Saltpond and Biriwa and both of them attract a large patronage, which means investors in ancillary entertainment services stand to make good profits.

There are castles and forts at both Anomabu and Abandze and since they already hold intrinsic appeal for cultural/historical tourists, especially Africans in the Diaspora, investors who upgrade them and equip them with modern tourism amenities stand to make good, brisk business.

Other historical places include Akatakyiwaa, Kormantse and Mankessim, while Nanompaw at Mankessim holds attraction as a place of religious interest. Investors interested in establishing in the Mfantseman Municipal are assured of a prime enabling environment and the full co-operation and assistance of the Assembly, which wholeheartedly welcomes both foreign and local investors.


Date Created : 11/23/2017 7:48:46 AM