The District has potential for the establishment of large-scale rice farms in Gbintiri, Gbandaa and other low laying valleys in the District. Bee keeping, dry season gardening and large scale production of guinea corn, and Soya beans are activities that should be given a boost to create more jobs and increase income levels. With the provision of the necessary inputs and facilities like irrigation and storage facilities the production of onions can attract high incomes for dry season gardeners. 

Technology used currently for agricultural production needs to be modernised. For effective improvement in production levels there should be a shift of the reliance on simple crude implements like the hoes and cutlasses as is currently the case to labour saving and capital equipment like tractors, power tillers, bullock and Plough. In this direction effort is being made to procure bullocks and plough, Donkey Carts, bicycle and trailers and other Intermediate means of transport to rural farmers and identified groups on credit bases under the Community Based Rural Development Project but this laudable effort to improve upon production levels is currently inadequate.

For non-agricultural activities, efforts will be made to organise business groups for the needed technical support.  There will be training of organised groups on proper financial and business management. Very little is being done currently on group development and training. 

The District has about 182km. length of first class, second class and third class roads.  Currently about 13kilometre length of road is tarred.  The Gambaga-Nalerigu-Sakogu road runs from west to east of the District and passes through the northern parts of the District.  This road together with the Yaroyiri-Gambaga road, a total of about in quite good condition. 

Feeder roads linking the hinterlands to social and economic facilities and services are in bad state. Under the Danida Transport Sector Programme Support phase11 programmes and the Department of Feeder Roads, a number of kilometers of road have been constructed but much more needs to be done to improve the existing road networks in the district especially those linking heavily populated communities and food production zones to the major markets

Land  Programmes

There is communal ownership of land entrusted to chiefs. The district has completed work on the planning schemes for Gambaga and Nalerigu. The goal of the structure plan for the two towns is to establish the framework for the efficient and harmonious development and management of the towns, in line with sound planning and environmental standards. There are plans to prepare town layouts for the rest of the urban communities, namely Langbinsi, Sakogu, and Gbintiri. 

Small Scale Irrigation

Existing dams are located at Langbinsi, Wundua, and Nalerigu.  An effort to construct a new dam at Sakogu under the Community Based Rural Development Project is on course.  The dams are mostly used for animal watering and small-scale dry season gardening. Under the Social Investment Fund, groups were assisted to acquire water-pumping machines to irrigate lands for dry season gardening in places where large streams are found. These efforts will be intensified by the District Assembly.




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