Education is one of the most important sectors of the District. The District has both public and private educational institutions. Though the District cannot boast of any tertiary institutions, its strategic location has provided the proximity to such facilities located at Ho, Amedzorfe and Akatsi. The sector is divided into five circuits namely: Ablonu, Abuadi, Ahunda, Kalakpa and Waya circuits. Inadequate teaching staff is an issue of concern in the District. With the increasing enrolment due to the School Feeding Programe, Distribution of Free Exercise and Textbooks as well as Free School Uniforms at the basic level, the number of teachers particularly the trained must be motivated to stay in the District. There is the need for the District Assembly to ameliorate the situation by attracting trained teachers into the District to enhance quality education


Date Created : 11/17/2017 3:27:07 AM