Political Administration

The political head of the Assembly is the Chief Executive who represents the President of the Republic of Ghana in the District. However, the District Co-ordinating Director is the Head of the Administration.

The General Assembly is a Nineteen (19) Member Body consisting of Thirteen (13) Elected Members and Five (5) Government appointees and One Member of Parliament representing the Adaklu Constituency. The District has 64 communities.

The District has two (2) sub-district structures namely Tsrefe Area Council located at Adaklu-Tsrefe and Waya Area Council located at the District Capital.

Social Administration and Structure;


Adaklu has one (1) traditional council made up of three traditional divisions namely; Abuadi division, Goefe division and linguist for the paramountcy is selected and lastly Helekpe division serves as the warlord or in modern terms the Military/Security division of the Paramountcy.

The District has one Paramount Chief currently at Abuadi and other sub chiefs who assist in the promotion of peace and stability in the District


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