Structure of the District Administration

In pursuance of section 3 of the Local Government Act (Act 462) of 1993, the Sissala East Municipal Assembly is the highest political and administrative authority at the district level that has the been charged with the responsibility of formulating and executing plans, programmes and strategies for effective mobilization of resources to ensure the overall development of the district as enshrined in its mission statement. "The Sissala East Municipal Assembly exists to improve the livelihood of its people by initiating the necessary socio-economic programmes and projects, and creating the enabling environment for community and private sector participation in the development of the district".

To facilitate the discharge of these important responsibilities, the District Development Planning Coordinating Unit (DPCU) was put in place and made operational. To ensure that effective planning and coordinating activities are carried out in the district a Core Planning Group was constituted from the expanded DPCU to assist the DA carry out development activities. This group liaises with the relevant decentralized departments and development agencies, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Sub-committees of the DA to carry out effective planning and promote district developrhent.

The decentralization principle in the new local government system emphasizes on planning to start from the local level and go up rather than the reverse. The planning process therefore starts at the community level and is coordinated first at the Area /town council and secondly at the district level by the district core planning group composed of the key personnel of the decentralized departments. The DA structure is made up of Unit Committees at the community level, followed by the Area Councils and the District Assembly at the apex.

The effort of the DA is being complemented by other Development Agencies. They collaborate with such development partners to improve upon the standard of living of the people. The NGO desk at the district assembly helps to facilitate such collaborations.




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