The Sissala East Municipal shares its northern borders with southern part of Burkina Faso. Its headquarters is about 29kms away from Leo, the headquarters of the Sissili of the neighbouring Burkina Faso. The Sissala East Municipal in all respect is therefore a border district and as expected, capable of demonstrating some criminal attributes typical of almost all border districts. 

Some of these activities include smuggling, child labour, cattle rustling, elopement, transfer of epidemics and the recent spate of armed robbery. Even though one cannot entirely rule out the incidence of some of these criminal activities, their occurrence are not characteristics of the people of the district. The Sissala East Municipal therefore is relatively a very peaceful devoid of high level of acrimony and criminality. With regard to cattle rusting and armed robbery, it is both done internally and at cross-border.

Cross-border movement of cattle has become a yearly activity, especially in the dry season (December-March). Large herds of cattle are moved by the insurgence of Burkina Faso Fulani herdsmen who move into the district and the country in general for grazing and watering purposes in the valleys of the Sissili River and its tributaries.

They remain in Ghana till May-June when farmers had already cropped their fields, causing a lot of havocs on sprouting crops. When conditions get better in Burkina Faso, they move back. Some of these cattle owners with their large herds settled in communities where there are dams and shrubs. These communities collect taxes in cash or in kind from the alien herdsmen for the use of their facilities. 

The alien herdsmen however condone with some local people and some traditional rulers to avoid taxes they have to pay to the District Assembly as well as meting-out various forms of molestation to the innocent local people. These thus pose various degree of insecurity situation within the district.

Other criminal activities carried out in the district include petty stealing, minor assaults, offensive conducts, fraud and poaching. There are various security agencies in the district. These include the police, CEPS, Immigration service, BNI, GPS, watch dog committees, Assembly members and Traditional authorities.

 All these agencies have been doing very well in ensuring that total peace and harmony prevail in the district. There is therefore the need for these security agencies especially the police, fire service, watch dog committees to be equipped with the requisite logistics and equipments so that they can continuously ensure a peaceful atmosphere in the district for enhanced socio-economic development.




Date Created : 11/17/2017 2:44:56 AM