Development Prospects
Prospects and framework for Development

The prospects and framework set the overall scope for future development efforts. Areas, which have been covered, include population projections, infrastructural and social needs (educational, health, housing and water). These have been structured to cover

• Private Sector Competitiveness

• Human Resource Development

• Good governance and Civic Responsibility

Population Projections

The issue of population is very crucial; this is because population is the determinant and consequence of development. Human resources and needs vary according to the size, composition and distribution of the population. This is why demographic data needs to be updated for future estimates. Projecting the population therefore is the tool and the fundamental basis for development planning.

Ejura-Sekyedumase population is projected using the Ratio Method in relation to the district’s population. The usage of this method is due to the lack of vital demographical variables on mortality, fertility and migration, which determine changes in population. Certain assumptions have therefore been made to ensure a good basis for the projection.

These include:

• The ratio of the district’s population will grow at a constant rate throughout the plan period;

• The migration rate in the district will be insignificant; and

• The various age cohorts will remain unchanged for the period.

• With these assumptions, therefore, the various projections have been shown in the proceeding tables.



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