Literacy and education

Considering the populations 11 years and above, 73.7 percent are literate and

26.3 percent are non- literate. The proportion of literate males is higher (79.1%) than that of females (68.0%). Seven out of ten people (65.7%) indicated they could read and write both English and Ghanaian languages. Of the population aged 3 years and above in the district, 29,056 attended school in the past and 35,693are currently attending school.


The district has 118 Pre-School/Kindergarten schools, made up of 88 public and 30 private schools. Out of the 119 Primary schools in the district,89 are public and 30 private schools. Also, there are 62 junior high schools in the district, with 41 being public schools and 21 private schools. The district has two (2) senior high schools, namely Asankrangwa Senior High School and Asankrangwa Senior High Technical School. One (1) Community Health Assistant and Midwifery Training Institute is also located in the district.


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